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Gilmour's "Black Strat" has remained a fixture in both recording and live performances throughout his incredible career, a guitar that has come to define the artist and his popularity with fans.
Originally dark red, Gilmour had the guitar refinished in jet black and a custom 'short-scale' trem arm made before upgrading the single coil pickups to a Seymour Duncan SSL-1 in the bridge, Fender 69' Custom in the mid and a Fender Fat 50's in the neck.
  The addition of a micro selector switch installed beneath the scratchplate (with only the tip exposed), enabled Gilmour to also run both the bridge and neck pickups at the same time - a combined set-up responsible for many of David's signature tones and solidfying the Strat's popularity with his fans.



Fender Squier Classic Vibe 50's Stratocaster - £1,099.00


Produced using a superb Fender Squier Classic Vibe Stratocaster, the Deluxe Edition features classically inspired 50's pickups, micro selector switch for additional pickup on/off and custom short-scale trem arm as well as accurate, heavy relic pattern.  Hardcase available to order.




Fender Mexican Classic 50’s Stratocaster - £1,899.00


Chosen for its 50’s aesthetics, the Supreme Edition features accurate profiling and equipment coherent with Gilmour’s original Stratocaster, a Seymour Duncan SSL-1 pickup in the bridgeposition, Fender 69' Custom in the mid and a Fender Fat 50's in the neck - providing a faithful and dynamic tribute to a legendary guitar with all the trimmings.  Includes complimentary Hardcase.




Fender American Vintage 50’s Re-issue Stratocaster - £2,899.00


The classic choice, featuring amazing build quality and attention to vintage detail that helps create the perfect base for a beautiful looking and playing guitar, just like Gilmour’s original “Black Strat” equipped with Seymour Duncan SSL-1 in the bridge, Fender 69' Custom in the middle and a Fender Fat 50's in the neck, along with custom micro switch and short-scale trem arm.  Includes complimentary Hardcase.



'VOS' & ‘Non-Relic’ Editions - P.O.A.


By popular demand, all of our Relic Series instruments are also available in 'VOS' and 'Non-Relic' Editions, the same classic guitar presented with all accurate equipment and modifications (where applicable) but free of any ageing, relic-ing or simulated damage.  A must-have for guitar fans that just can't get into the 'Relic' vibe, we leave it to you to road-wear these babies!  Contact us for a quotation.


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