Noel Gallagher Union Jack 2

A 90's Brit-pop icon and modern musical legend in his own right, guitarist and song-smith Noel Gallagher cut his teeth alongside his brother Liam in the outstanding band 'Oasis' and brought a new era of British rock'n'roll to the public imagination. Noel had favoured various guitars during his career but it was at the Glastonbury musica festival that he unveiled the stunning "Union Jack" Epiphone Sheraton (which had been given to him by his girlfriend and hand-artwork by a friend). The iconic combination of Noel's playing and the guitar's looks stole the hearts and imaginations of musicians all over the world and secured the guitar's place in musical history.

Epiphone Sheraton II PRO - £999.00

Taking Epiphone’s most successful semi-acoustic, this beautiful ode to Gallagher's "Union Jack" Sheraton is based upon his 'Supernova' style 335, featuring original tune-o-matic bridge, stop-tailpiece and full-sized humbuckers.  An ideal tribute to a classic piece of musical history.  Hardcase available to order.


Epiphone Sheraton 'Custom' - £1,399.00

This beautifull custom modified Epiphone Sheraton II has been based upon Gallagher's original 62' Sheraton - upgraded with a set of Mini-Humbuckers and replacing the original stop-tailpiece with a re-issue "Frequensator" as per the original spec.  The result is a stunning and more accurate tribute to the guitar that tore the roof off of Glastonbury and set the imagination of millions alight back in those good old 90's.  Includes complimentary Hardcase.



Epiphone “Sheraton Outfit” Ltd. Edition - P.O.A.

The 62' re-issue styling and equipment of Epiphone's (now discontinued) "Sheraton Outfit", includes Gibson USA Mini Humbuckers and additional fingerboard inlays at the top end and "Frequensator" tailpiece.  When coupled with our stunningly accurate full body & neck refinish (colour-matched to Noel's original guitar), this becomes the most authentic tribute to Noel's original Sheraton available anywhere in the world today - a must for the dedicated fan.  Includes complimentary Hardcase.

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