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Designed in collaboration with guitarist Andy Phillips, the "Geometric U2" is a unique guitar that is inspired by the work of artist Harvey Daniels.  Produced using a Danelectro U2, chosen for its simple and aesthetically pleasing design that worked so brilliantly with the artwork theme, this is pure art.  All about the look, don't be fooled, that effortless 50's chic tone is still crying out from the lipstick pickups and compliments the design so well that this is the perfect marriage, the guitar plays beautifully and looks striking.  One of the most unique artwork finishes we have produced, the Custom Shop "Geometric U2" is sure to attract attention in the studio or on stage.



Danelectro U2 - £899.00


Produced using the classic Danelectro U2 and featuring a highly detailed hand-painted refinish with black 'side skirts' and gloss black neck, this is a combination of retro art and retro design that is sure to delight both the guitar fan and the art-lover in you as well.  Hardcase availabel to order.



Bespoke productions made and finished to order - P.O.A.

Custom produced by our talented Custom Shop team, the "Geometric U2" design can be taken to a different level with the only barrier being your imagination - simply contact us to discuss your concept and for an individual quotation to cater to your requirements.


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