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An original concept from our team, the “Apple Boutique” 335 is a truly amazing piece of guitar-art, based upon the legendary artwork that was produced by Dutch artists ‘The Fool’ on the walls of The Beatles’ newly opened “Apple Boutique” store in 60's 'swinging London'.
The artwork was removed shortly thereafter by order of the local council... nothing is real.  However, combined with the body size and dynamic of Epiphone's classic 335 design, this beautiful guitar boasts some incredibly detailed psychedelic artwork that is backed up by an instrument that offers power, presence and performance in the finest traditions of 60's rock'n'roll.


Epiphone 335 Dot - £1,199.00


Produced using Epiphone’s 335 Dot, the Deluxe Edition "Apple Boutique" 335 offers the player both a comfortable and enjoyable playing experience fuelled by dual Epiphone Humbucking pickups as well as providing the perfect canvas for this eye-catching and show-stopping piece of guitar-art. Hardcase available to order.




Epiphone Casino - £1,499.00


An amazing guitar, built to perform and deliver effortless playability every time, the Epiphone Casino’s affiliation with Beatles legend John Lennon offers the perfect influence to create a superb looking instrument that taps into the spirit of the band and the period. Includes complimentary Hardcase.



Ultimate Edition

Epiphone Elitist 65’ Re-issue Casino - P.O.A.


Inspired by the iconic 1965 Casino that re-shaped Epiphone’s fortunes, thanks to a certain John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison (who all bought Casinos in late 1964) - this is the perfect guitar to show off the vivid and powerful artwork that ‘The Fool’ produced for The Beatles, a 60's collaboration like no other. Includes complimentary Hardcase.


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