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From broken headstocks to faulty wiring, a guitar's life can sometimes be a hard road but with a little professional TLC and the right hands, there are few issues that cannot be solved.  Our dedicated team is on-hand to help repair and restore, so contact us to discuss your requirements and we will come back to you, normally, within 24hrs.

Headstock Repairs = from £120

Our standard headstock repair service includes re-setting and repair of the affected area and full surface refinish to help lose the repair with discussion on how best to achieve this in accordance with your own personal preferences on the final look and feel.


Finish Damage = from £60.00

From minor chips and dents to lacquer splitting and severe wear and tear, contact us to discuss our comprehensive finish repair service including blending techniques or full body / neck refinish options to help restore your guitar to its former glory.


Electrical Faults = from £60.00

If you suspect your guitar's wiring loom is misbehaving, whether it be crackling pots, switching faults or intermittent sound, it can often be difficult to determine the exact cause - our thorough investigation will allow us to determine the cause and replace the parts or components responsible and correct any suspected wiring faults, solder joints or earthing issues.

Vintage Guitar Restoration = P.O.A.

Our highly specialised team work on hundreds of vintage classics from 80's metal monsters to 50's beauties and restoring guitars of a particular age needs care, attention to detail and patience - place your beloved guitar in our hands to explore the options for restoration to an exacting standard.


Everything Else = P.O.A

For any and all issues you might be experiencing with your guitar, simply contact us to discuss and receive a free quotation.


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