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General Terms: The Painted Player Guitar Co. is in no way associated or affiliated with the original guitar manufacturers, endorsers or musical and / or visual artists who played, owned or originally finished these (if any) instruments and as such, instruments purchased from The Painted Player Guitar Co. are not and should not be considered official merchandise.  

The Painted Player Guitar Co.® is a Registered Trademark and the instrument names, images and descriptions used within this website are protected by copyright. The artistic and hand-crafted work available from The Painted Player Guitar Co. is based on the original concepts of our Artists and Luthiers and while some are based on original works, significant changes in detail are made to each and every instrument to make it unique.

Returns & Refunds: We operate a strict no returns / refunds policy because guitars are produced 'to order', however, we will always endeavour to assist you should you encounter any problem with any of our instruments and we include a 30-day warranty for manufacturing faults. If damage or a technical fault is suspected with any instrument upon receipt, in such circumstances the issue must be reported within 48hrs of delivery confirmation via courier tracking and customers must provide images and details of the issue before an assessment can be made and a return authorised.  Once a return has been authorised, guitars must be returned to us for inspection to validate the damage or fault and once validated, this will be corrected for you free of charge and the guitar returned and your original return postage cost refunded. Buyer will be responsible for postage both ways and any / all Customs Duty / Tax applicable should guitars been shipped internationally (see Shipping, Customs & Delivery Responsibilities below).  Failure to comply with these terms will invalidate our warranty / returns service.

Please Note: taking any of our instruments to another guitar shop, Luthier, specialist, technician etc. or attempting to investigate or make repairs yourself prior to sending the guitar back to us will void our free repair / maintenance service and we will not be able to assist you further with regards to your claims.  We have put in place various minute features on all of our guitars which, if disturbed, will alert us to any tampering before return.
We will always attempt to repair or rectify an issue rather than offer you a refund, again, due to the fact guitars are produced specifically to order - in more extreme circumstances we will offer you a replacement instrument produced to the same specifications as your original purchase and in such circumstances, the original instrument must be returned to us.
If a guitar return is agreed and processed, said guitar must be returned in the original packaging (including all certificates, paperwork and equipment in the original condition as sent / received) within 7 working days of that agreement and the guitar itself must be returned in the original condition - again, as it was sent and received.  Instruments are then fully inspected and assessed on return by our team and if any damage or other issues are discovered other than those that were reported or discussed at the time of receipt then we cannot accept your return and the guitar will be processed for immediate shipping back to you.  If this situation arises, we may, at our discretion, offer you the option to accept a partial refund in acknowledgement of the guitar not being returned in the condition required, in these circumstances an assessment will be made of the damage / issues present upon return and their impact upon the retail value of said guitar and this amount will be deducted from your full refund - partial refund offers are non-negotiable and final.
While we guarantee the quality of artwork and finish of our Artistic Series guitars, we are not responsible for the quality of the original base guitars used to produce any of our Tributes. All Artistic Series guitars are given a clear lacquer finish to protect completed artwork but we do not guarantee this against vigorous use or mistreatment.


Care on arrival: While every guitar that we produce is run through a rigorous quality control check before being shipped, it is common for the specialised clear lacquer coats, which are applied to seal-in all custom artwork / hand painted guitars, to remain ‘soft’ and / or hardening-off for up to and including 6 months after you receive your instrument. We recommend that special care and attention be paid to these beautiful instruments during that period and that the safest place to store them (while not being played) during the first week is out of the Hardcase and out of direct sunlight.  We do not recommend new guitars are left in Hardcases for a period of longer than 3-5 days at a time during the initial 6 months and especially in hot or humid conditions, keep a regular check just in case and note that any minor surface issues you may find can usually be corrected with a little guitar polish gently and leaving the guitar to rest. Regular use is encouraged to help expose the guitar to the right ambient conditions and allow the hardening agents to cure naturally over time to strengthen the final finish.

Some guitar stands or wall-hanging units can also enhance the potential risk of issues developing with your clear lacquer finish due to the pressure being applied during this curing and hardening period.  Again, we recommend regular use and storage out of direct sunlight to aid the curing process. It’s all about due care and attention and not allowing areas of concentrated pressure to be applied during the first 6 months.

If you require any assistance regarding your guitar’s finish or artwork then feel free to contact us – we also offer a ‘touching in’ and refinish service for guitars damaged on the road or vigorously used and in need of a little TLC.

Your instrument has been constructed using the finest materials and has been hand adjusted to the closest tolerances and set-up for the best possible playing action (known as stock). On arrival you will find that the strings have been slackened fully as a precaution to relieve unnecessary tension on the neck while in transit, meaning the guitar will require tuning and bedding-in as standard. If however, you find that the action is uncomfortably high or low after initial tuning – do not be alarmed, since climatic conditions in your local area may differ greatly from those under which the aforementioned set-up and adjustments were made, it may be necessary to make minor adjustments to the truss rod or to bridge height settings, which will return the instrument to the optimum playing condition. Unless previously discussed, your guitar will likely need a personalised set-up to your own individual requirements - if you prefer, for example, a very low action or a high action for ‘slide’ guitar techniques etc. Please note: you should only undertake any of the required adjustments to your new guitar if you feel that you are competent enough to carry them out safely – many of the adjustments in question, if carried out incorrectly, can permanently damage the instrument’s playability or response.  If you are unsure then please consult your local guitar technician for further advice.

International buyers are responsible for any and all shipping and import / customs surcharges incurred and applicable with their purchase, we are required by law to declare the value of each instrument shipped so please do not ask us to quote differently - responsibility for being aware of these charges rests with the buyer so if you have any concerns at all then please contact us for more information.

Every single instrument we produce is crafted / painted by hand and thusly every single one is unique, the images supplied within this website should be taken as ‘examples of the finished work’ and not an image of the exact instrument you will receive. We reserve the right to alter the equipment and / or hardware of any model at any time subject to suppliers and availability.

Cancellation Policy: As soon as your payment is received and your order has been confirmed, our team get working immediately - ordering in parts, materials and components the same day, to begin the production process for you as soon as possible or to begin quality control, service and set-up procedures for 'in stock' items.  Cancellations requested within the first 5 working days after your order is confirmed will be subject to a 25% 'cancellation & restocking fee'.  If for any reason you decide to cancel your order after the 5 working day period outlined, or after you have been notified that the guitar in question has been put into production (whichever is sooner) you will be subject to a 50% cancellation fee effective immediately from that period on.  Base guitars are 'fundamentally altered' from their original specification (as is equipment being used, especially for relic builds), meaning we cannot return them to our suppliers and reclaim monies spent to stock them for your project, as such, please only complete your purchase if you fully intend to proceed. Our cancellation policy covers all purchases made with us, including CUSTOM ORDERS and IN-STOCK purchases alike, any refund issued as part of an agreed cancellation will be made 'minus' the aforementioned cancellation fee percentage.

Retro-Active Cancellation: If, when you receive your guitar, you are in any way unhappy with your purchase for any reason 'other' than technical or manufacturing issues - discussed above, we will, of course, work with you to find a resolution, however  'personal interpretation of artistic works' or production methods and 'buyer change of mind' are not accepted reasons for return & refund (in effect, a 'retro-active' cancellation of your order).  If we agree to accept a return on the basis of buyer change of mind it will be subject to the same 50% cancellation fee as discussed above without exception - which is why we will always work with you to resolve any issues and only look at returns as a last resort.  Buyer is responsible for any and all return shipping costs.


Payment Plans: are operated on a goodwill basis with customers and feature no 'interest'.  Said plans are entered into with the strict understanding that the pre-agreed and authorised "Non-Refundable Deposit Payment" made to secure and authorise production of your guitar is not recoverable under any circumstances and you enter into a binding contract of purchase when completing said payment via your chosen payment method.  Should the customer fail to complete any remaining 'installment payments' and / or due balance requirements, the customer may be given a 3-day grace period at the discretion of TPP if contact has not been made to advise us ahead of time, after which a nominal 10% late-fee surcharge will be applicable to any overdue payments.  If due payments are left unpaid for a period of 7 calendar days, the order will be subject to immediate cancellation and no monies will be recoverable.  Contact us to find out more.


Shipping, Customs & Delivery Responsibilities: The Painted Player Guitar Co. only uses reputable logistics carriers both domestically and internationally and selects the most appropriate service to accommodate the requirements of the customer's location.  Unless otherwise discussed, all shipments are sent with basic / limited insurance cover and we will not offer additional insurance coverage as standard - it is the responsibility of the customer to request a quotation for full coverage (if available) should they wish to accept the responsibility and cost for said insurance and The Painted Player Guitar Co. accepts no liability for shipments beyond that of the insurance cover selected (if any), nor does The Painted Player Guitar Co. accept any responsibility for insurance claims that are not honoured by the service provider as we have no control over these procedures whatsoever.  We are, however, at customers' full disposal to assist in resolving any shipping issues, delays or concerns accordingly and will always work to provide customer with the best possible service - please note that we are subject to the same terms & conditions via the carriers selected to transport goods and we have no control of their services, nor do we have control over the procedures and delays caused by local government bodies, customs departments or any other body that may be related to your shipment (domestically or internationally).

From January 1st 2021, European customers are now responsible for any / all applicable Import Charges & Custom Duties associated with their purchase, as has always been the case with our Worldwide customer-base.  It is the responsibility of all International customers to research the applicable duties and costs that may be associated with your purchase prior to placing your order as the recipient is solely responsible for these and The Painted Player Guitar Co. accepts no liability for unpaid duties / fees that may result in the loss, return or destruction of parcels by Customs Authorities in your designated area.  This also applies to any and all modifications to the original carrier delivery schedule organised by The Painted Player Guitar Co. or delivery date/ delivery location rescheduling actioned by the receiver (customer) once your guitar has entered the carrier network - The Painted Player Guitar Co. accepts no responsibility for delays and / or lost parcels as a result of receiver requests so please do not alter the carrier's original shipping plan unless you are prepared to accept responsibility for any and all delays and / or issues associated with taking a parcel out of 'rotation' from the original booking.

If your guitar is returned to us as a result of failure to comply with Customs Authorities or after receiver modifications to original carrier schedules, the customer will be fully responsible for any / all associated costs incurred as a result and you will forfeit the order in its entirety unless these are paid in full including any additionally required 're-shipping' costs.  It is the responsibility of customers to facilitate delivery by being available, communicating clearly and maintaining consistent checks on tracking during the shipping process and failure to do so may well result in your order being 'incomplete' and no refunds will be issued under those circumstances.

When you make a purchase with us either directly or via our eBay, Reverb or Backline stores you automatically agree to the above terms and conditions, so please make yourself aware of these before committing to purchase.


We thank you for your kind attention and continued support to bring these beautiful instruments to life, without you, the players, we are indeed, nothing.

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