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Part of the beauty of guitar production is that very few elements of any build need to remain 'stock', allowing even the most novice player to experiment with and make changes to their guitar for even the most modest budget.

Everything from pickup and equipment changes to custom artwork and colour refinishes, installation of active electronic effects or custom on-board acoustic pre-amps, our team are on-hand to help realise the simpliest and most complex modifications, so feel free to contact us to discuss any and all requirements.

Pickup Supplies & Installations = from £30.00

Either supplying us with your own new pickups for installation into your guitar or having us quote for supplying and installing an incredible range of pickups from across the world from brands such as Joe Barden (JBE), Seymour Duncan, Dimarzio, Bare Knuckle and more, our comprehensive installation service includes dismantling of your guitar on arrival with us and removal of the original pickup(s) and full installation of your new pickups including electrical service check to ensure that your loom is ready and willing to deliver the very best performance for your new pickups.


Phase Switching Options = from £30.00

Often an option considered when installing new pickups, Phase switching offers a unique 'Peter Green' inspired tonal variation in the 3-way mid-position for almost any type of guitar pickups and can be achieved by the installation of micro 2-way switches or, more commonly, upgrading to push/pull volume / tone pots.  Service includes supply and installation of aforementioned switch or pot in your selected position.

Coil-Tap Options = from £30.00
A dynamic and relatively simple way to open up the tonal range and vocabulary of any guitar, when installing 4-conductor wired humbucking pickups (or suitably 4-conductor wired pickups or any kind) you have the option to cut one of the coils and produce a thinner, Strat-style tone that can be used in any switching position.  Commonly used in dual humbucker instruments with either one or both pickups 'tapped', this mod can be applied in any number of configurations and is most commonly achieved via installation of a supplied push/pull pot or micro switch depending on your preference.  Service includes supply of aforementioned components and wiring work.

Equipment Mods = P.O.A.

Modifications of all kinds including replacement Tuners or Locking Tuners, Bridge upgrades, Hardtail / Block Tremolo Mods, replacement or custom made Scratchplates / Pickguards,Control Knobs, Switches, Jack Sockets and more can be modified to your desired specification to enhance both the look and performance of your guitar.  We can happily work with your supplied components or supply you with a huge range of parts from manufacturers such as Grover, Gotoh, Sperzel, Schaller, Piezo, Floyd Rose and more.  Contact us for a quotation.


Electronics Services = P.O.A.

Ranging from full re-wiring and installation of fresh electrical components to renew your guitar's playability, right the way through to customised on-board pre-amps, acoustic simulators, synth upgrades and active pickups - our electronics department supplies and works with components from some of the leading manufacturers including KAOSS, GraphTech, EMG and Roland to name but a few.  With almost infinite possibilities out there, simply contacting us to discuss your requirements is the first step on the road to electronic heaven.


Refinishing Services = from £299.00
Making a dramatic change and personal mark on your guitar is as easy as a brand new finish

sometimes, so contacting our team is an easy way to explore the options, everything from classic refinishes in straight colours, metallic finishes, custom artwork productions (or based upon our host of designs already available in our Artistic Series) to having a new coat of lacquer to improve your guitar's integrity or stained / oiled to your specifications.


Relic Services = from £299.00

Offering the option to dynamically age or tarnish your guitar to give it that old school feel, our Relic Services put the art of the Custom Shop in your hands and allows you to customised the appearance and age of your guitar through VOS, Light Relic all the way through to Heavily Aged like a guitar that has spent a lifetime on the road!  Including equipment, body and neck refinishes, we can also work on accessories such as your Hardcase to accompany the guitar's new look.  Contact us to find out more.


Body Blanks = from £299.00

Ideal for the project builder, our range of custom body blanks offers you the opportunity to order classic body designs from both our Artistic Series and Relic Series (including guitars such as our John Mayer "Monterey" Tribute Stratocaster or Andy Summers Tribute Telecaster) either 'blank' or fully loaded ready to incorporate your own neck, parts and components.  We stock bodies from licensed production facilities such as Warmoth, W.D. Music and Allparts, alongside original pieces from Fender, Ibanez, Gibson and more - contact us with your required specifications and receive a no-obligation quotation.

Project Management = P.O.A.

Sometimes half the fun is going out there and sourcing all the different bits and pieces of your ideal project yourself, finding those rare gems that spark your interest... but then you need someone who can put it all together and make it work!  That's where we come in, our team is happy to oversee and project manage your build from start to finish - taking everything you have supplied (and supplying whatever else may be required) to bring your guitar to life and also ensure that it looks, sounds and plays absolutely right.  We are more than happy to chat with you about what can be achieved so simply send us a message to find out more.



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