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Our team offers a full range of servicing and maintenance options to help bring your guitar to its optimum playing capability and performance level, if you are experiencing a problem with any number of issues then help is at hand.  Contact us to discuss your requirements and we will respond to you, normally, within 24hrs.


Full Assessment, Service & Set-up = from £60.00

Our comprehensive Assessment includes a detailed service and set-up to bring all performance related elements into line and provide you with optimum playability and response.  Including full bridge height / action adjustment to your specifications, trussrod adjustment and neck alignment, intonation setting, comprehensive wiring loom assessment and 'health check', clean & polish plus recommendations for any additional parts or components required.  Excludes new strings (can be ordered at additional cost).


Fret Dress = from £60.00

A full fret-dress breathes new life into your fingeboard and removes worn areas or high-spots to provide a more enjoyable and renewed playing experience.  Our fret-dressing service includes fingerboards upto and including 24-frets with specialist services such as stoning and re-shaping etc. available at additional cost.


Electrical 'Health Check' = from £30.00

A comprehensive electrical health check includes a full assessment of your guitar's wiring loom including all pots, switches, sockets and pickups to determined the overall electrical integrity of your loom and supply any recommendations for replacment components or improvements to the guitar's wiring loom for your peace of mind.  The 'health check' includes a professional re-solder of any suspect joints and replacement of any sub-standard wire that may present problems in the future. 


Re-Stringing = from £30.00

A full re-string includes removal of your guitar's original strings, assessment and clean-up of your guitar fingerboard and frets, supply and installation of your choice of 9 or 10 gauge guitar strings (specialist string sets / guages can be selected at additional cost) and tuning / intonation set-up ready to enjoy.


Everything Else = P.O.A

For any and all issues you might be experiencing with your guitar, simply contact us to discuss and receive a free quotation.



Keeping your guitar in good playing condition and well-serviced will enhance your playing experience and sometimes highlight issues that you didn’t even know were affecting your ability to enjoy your guitar to its fullest potential, so feel free to contact us anytime to discuss even the most minor problems.

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