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From January 1st 2021, European customers are now responsible for any / all applicable Import Charges & Custom Duties associated with their purchase, as has always been the case with our Worldwide customer-base.

It is the responsibility of all International customers to research the applicable duties and costs that may be associated with your purchase prior to placing your order as the recipient is solely responsible for these and The Painted Player Guitar Co. accepts no liability for unpaid duties / fees that may result in the loss, return or destruction of parcels by Customs Authorities in your designated area.

If your guitar is returned as a result of failure to comply with Customs Authorities the customer will be fully responsible for any / all associated costs we incur as a result and you will forfeit the order in its entirety unless these are paid.  It is the responsibility of customers to facilitate delivery by being available, communicating clearly and maintaining consistent checks on tracking during the shipping process and failure to do so may well result in your order being 'incomplete' and no refunds will be issued under those circumstances.

We're here to help, so always reach out to us if you experience any issues during the shipping process - we are unable to provide quotations for Customs Duty as these vary from item to item, country to country and fluctuate regularly, so do your research and be informed before treating yourself to your new axe.

The Painted Player Guitar Co., we look forward to being of assistance very soon.




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