As of 2nd January 2017, the CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) has placed all forms of Rosewood on the protected species list, as a result, this has some effects on the sale and export of guitars featuring Rosewood (fingerboards, bridges or equipment etc.) and sadly, the guitar industry was given less than 3 months to try and prepare for these new changes in legislation - so we ask for your patience and co-operation while these regulations are in effect.


The initial effects of this will not effect our customers within the UK and EU, however, customers outside the EU such as the USA, Canada, Australia and the Far East will be effected if your guitar contains any type of Rosewood in the production.


Applicable guitars being shipped outside the EU

will now be subject to a surcharge of £75.00 GBP without exception


This will be applied to your invoice / purchase price when ordering, covering the costs to apply for and obtain the legally required certificate to re-export your guitar once it has been completed and is ready for dispatch.


We are hopeful that restrictions will be reduced or, indeed, lifted entirely, allowing business to resume normally in the future but we will keep you updated when we know more.


Obviously this does not effect guitars that do not contain Rosewood parts and no surcharges will be applicable on said guitars, we are keeping prices as cost-effective as possible for our customers (including more competitive International Shipping costs) to reduce the impact.


When contacting us to discuss placing your order we will notify you if your order will feature the applicable surcharge but you can look up this information in further detail online by searching "CITES Rosewood".

We thank you for your kind attention and continued custom.


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