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Part of The Painted Player Guitar Co.'s ethos is supporting every single artist we work with, namely, you - this includes home players, gigging musicians and world-wide acts and here we like to say thank you to those musicians we have collaborated with in the past and recommend you check them out if you get the chance.  Here's just some of them below...

Future Utopia.png


One of the UK's great musical talents respected the world over, Fraser T Smith and Future Utopia have been both award winning and deeply inspiring, producing some incredible music that transcends most genres and enthrals audiences of all kinds.  TPP have been privilaged to collaborate on the production of 3 Custom Shop instruments for Fraser, each beautifully hand-finished in tribute to iconic works from Future Utopia's enigmatic portfolio.

Glam Rockerz.jpg



Capturing the spirit of 70's Glam Rock in one, explosive show - the Glam Rockerz are a band soaked in excess, glitter and glam!  To accompany their raw talent, the boys have collaborated with TPP on two bespoke productions, including a custom finished Blue Glitter Gerry Shephard "Star Guitar" tribute and, of course, the iconic Slade "Super-Yob"!

Guitar Heroes.png


The UK's premier rock guitar experience, lead by guitarist Phil Walker, "The Story of Guitar Heroes" is a show like no other, taking audiences on a journey from the 50's through to the 80's while experiencing classic guitar riffs and epic solos from across the decades and through every genre of the music you can imagine!  Phil's gift as a musician is to embody an incredible array of legendary guitarists in one night and The Painted Player Guitar Co. are proud to collaborate with such a talent, providing iconic tribute guitars including Eric Clapton's iconic Fool SG and the battle-axes of the legendary Status Quo...



South America's premier Police tribute band, we have collaborated with "De Cops" several times, producing lead guitarist David Velasco's Andy Summers Tribute Telecaster, Dominic Miller Tribute Les Paul and his Custom Shop "TPP-Project" Nylon-strung Electro Acoustic!


Bass player and lead vocalist Pablo Lewin commissioned his Custom Shop "Sting" Custom Jazz Bass to accompany the Andy Summers Tribute Telecaster and complete the band's on-stage look as well as a Custom Sting P-Bass.




Ex-Simple Minds legend Derek Forbes has been considered one of the greatest Bass Players of his generation, winning several awards and recently receiving a Novello Award - our first collaboration with Forbes was producing for him a stunning tribute to Jimmy Page's "No.2" Les Paul, a guitar with which Forbes was so pleased that he soon-after commissioned a brand new custom Signature guitar for his tour with the legendary Yardbirds.


The TPP Custom Shop "Derek Forbes Yardbird" took the original 'Dragon Telecaster' (played by Jimmy Page during his time in the classic 60's band) and took it in a brand new direction, featuring top-of-the-line build quality, incredible specs and a custom butterscotch finish that makes the "Yardbird" instantly recognisable.


Forbes toured with 'Big Country' for several years and currently is embarking on his successful solo career across Europe and US, Forbes continues to be an inspiration to musicians across the globe.



The legendary lead guitarist of "Slade", Dave Hill has become an enduring icon of the Glam Rock era and a national treasure!  Regularly touring with "Slade II", our TPP Custom Slade Super-Yob Tribute has backed Hill up for years and fills us with pride every single time we see him sporting our tribute to the guitar that drew the attention of millions of fans the world over when the original 'Super-Yob' first appeared!

You can't get much better than rock'n'roll royalty.



One of the best Glam Rock bands of the 70's, 'The Sweet' produced hits such as "Love is like Oxygen" that continue to astound and thrill to this day, founder member Andy Scott remains an active performer with a number of bands and is a patron of the charity "Rock Against Cancer", organising a charity concert every year.

His custom made Eric Clapton "Fool SG" was a labour of love, a birthday treat and celebration of Scott's huge admiration for both Clapton and the iconic guitar itself, Scott's model features original Trapeze Tremolo Tailpiece, Worn Neck and also a couple of sneaky push/pull coil taps in the volume pots!



One of the UK's premier Police Tribute acts, we have collaborated with the boys several times - originally when producing Tim Haycock's stunning Custom Shop interpretation of Andy Summers' iconic Telecaster - presented in a never before seen 'Non-Relic' format, which later give rise to our own series of 'Non-Relic' tributes throughout our complete range of bespoke instruments.

For Bassist and lead vocalist Peter Wright, we collaborated to produce our Custom Shop "Spectre" Bass, a faithful tribute to Sting's original Spector NS-2 finished in antique ivory and featuring Seymour Duncan pickups for additional kick, The Police Academy continue to rock all across the UK.



 A hard-working classic rock trio, "The Crush" tour across Germany and Europe bringing their unique take of iconic hits and new material to huge audiences.  Lead guitarist Wolfgang Wamser first collaborated with us on his Custom Shop take on Jimi Hendrix's "Saville Theatre" Tribute Stratocaster - featuring a one of a kind Quarter-Sawn 1-piece Maple neck and fingerboard alongside a thoroughly 50's inspired wiring loom with Fat 50's single coils.


The second collaboration would again take inspiration from Wamser's idol, Jimi Hendrix, a faithful tribute to his legendary 68' Black Strat, which was custom designed to a incorporate a detailed heavy relic refinish and custom made 68' Strat neck and all the trimmings.



Blues-based Chicago rock band "Alice Drinks the Kool Aid" having been touring the Chicago music scene for decades, combining tribute to iconic tracks along with original material written by the three principle band members, founder Tony Magee ordered his custom made Andy Summers Tribute Telecaster to add to the band's arsenal with enhanced special features for studio recordings and live gigs.

Tony also founded The Lagunitas Brewing Company, good music and good beer?  You can have too much choice!



One of our first custom ordered signature models, our Andy Young Stratocaster marked the second collaboration between ourselves and our good friend, lead guitarist and vocalist with the incredible Howard Werth in "Blue Pulse".


Working together first on a unique Jimi Hendrix 67' Flying V Tribute that featured a custom off-set Flying V body and 70's Ibanez Humbuckers, Andy would later custom order his dynamic natural finish interpretation of Jimi Hendrix's enigmatic "Monterey" Tribute Stratocaster featured pickups hand-wound by Seymour Duncan himself and a 'negative' artwork that has added depth given that Andy is also a southpaw!

Currently recording their new album Blue Pulse continue to rock all across the UK and Europe, developing thier unique breed of Blues and Classic Rock.



German Glam Rockers "The Beats" combine everything in their massive shows, featuring covers of classic Beatles records to Slade hits and T-Rex anthems - with a huge line up of guitars at their disposal, it's always nice to see their TPP George Harrison "Rocky" Stratocaster Tribute at the forefront of nearly every gig with its vibrant day-glo looks and effortless playability.



Keep it in the family - Walsall home-grown tribute act "The Zeppelin 3" comprises of a father, his son and an uncle on drums, all three dedicated to producing some of the finest Led Zeppelin melodies with an injection of raw talent and fun.


Lead guitarist Jack Evans sports his custom made Jimmy Page "No.2" Tribute Les Paul featuring the original guitar's classic pickup combination and over 21 switching positions thanks to 4 push/pull pots and dual push/push micro switches mounted beneath the pickguard!


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