McCartney's "Crowd Goes Wild" Les Paul was produced for use during the "International Day of Happiness" concerts and featured prominently on the album "Memory Almost Full".  Transformed into a 10ft replica for Gibson's celebrated Guitartown Charity Exhibition held in London 2007, it has remained a popular fixture in McCarntey's line-up of beautiful guitars.  Featuring a cartoon crowd of all nations and religions joined together in the celebration, this is a rare example of musical art that has a powerful message behind it - surely, the ambition of any great musician.  Shown in McCartney's original Left-handed variant, guitars will be right-handed as standard and available with Full-Size or Mini-Humbuckers.

Deluxe Edition

Epiphone Les Paul - £1,099.00


Produced using the beautiful Epiphone Les Paul Standard or Goldtop respectively (depending on your choice of Full-Size or Mini-Humbucker pickups), the Deluxe Edition “CGW” Les Paul Tribute features a custom made clear pickguard and offers a classic, vintage feel and effortless playability coupled with high spec equipment and stunning artwork that compliments every aspect of the build perfectly.  Hardcase available to order.



Supreme Edition

Gibson USA Les Paul Studio - £1,899.00


The Supreme Edition incorporates all the style and class that a Gibson guitar can offer but harnessed at a more cost-effective price - a real 'studio' player's guitar, the dramatic visual overhaul on this piece sets it aside from its piers, will you select Full-Size or Mini-Humbuckers?  Includes complimentary Hardcase.



Ultimate Edition

Gibson USA Les Paul - £2,499.00


A stunning guitar, the Ultimate Edition “CGW” Les Paul features all the style and class that this iconic Gibson guitar has become synonymous for but now offers striking visuals that lift it far above the competition - a real winner on stage regardless of your pickup choice!  Includes complimentary Hardcase.


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