An indulgent slice of classic 80's rock, Steel Panther keep the metal alive and this beautiful tribute, based upon front-man 'Satchel's' Zebra-finished Kramer Pacer is a lightening bolt from the rock-Gods.  Featuring classic Kramer styling, playability and feel, the Hot-Cherry Red base colour is off-set by the deep, Black Zebra striping that compliments the guitar's black hardware and top-end features (including an Original Floyd Rose Tremolo, EVH D-Tuna and Locking Tuners.
A creature designed to perform, whether it be in the studio or live on stage, there's no denying the joy that a guitar like this can bring - she just carves a smile across your face every time you see it.  Rock on!


Kramer Pacer Classic - £899.00


Produced using Karmer's enigmatic and ever-reliable Pacer Classic, the Deluxe Edition sports all-original Kramer hardware, pickups and equipment (including Licensed Floyd Rose Tremolo unit and classic tuners) alongside the beautiful Zebra refinish.  Hardcase Available to Order.




Kramer Pacer Classic "Enhanced" - £1,499.00

Taking the Deluxe Edition to the next level, while the base for the build remains the same, our Supreme Edition is "Enhanced" with a host of awesome features including Original Floyd Rose Tremolo System, Locking Tuners, Gibson 496R / 500T Pickups with dual Coil-tap options (via push/pull pots) and an EVH D-Tuna!  The result is a package that creates as close a presentation to Satchel's original guitar as you can get, a pure metal machine with bags of vintage-inspired character with the performance to back it up.  Includes Complimentary Hardcase.




Karmer Pacer Vintage / Ltd. "Enhanced" - £1,999.00


The Pacer Series' flagship design, the Vintage Ltd. version takes the Classic and shapes it up to being a top-end instrument, complimented by our "Enhanced" package, featuring Original Floyd Rose Tremolo System, Locking Tuners, Gibson 496R / 500T Pikcups, dual push/uppl coil-taps, EVH D-Tuna and Complimentary Hardcase.

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