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Designed in collaboration with Mexican guitar maestro Daniel Machorro, the "Monteria" is vibrant, affectionate ode to the Jimi Hendrix / John Mayer "Monterey" Stratocaster that features a completely original artwork section (designed especially for this guitar) and a detailed relic pattern, inspired by musicians such as Eric Clapton, that gives this an altogether more 'lived-in' feel.

Complimented by all-Gold hardware, Pearl-button tuners and custom "Big Dipper" single coil pickups (with Mid-Scoop) - the "Monteria" is a 60's based Strat that echoes the flair and dynamic of its heritage while remaining instantly recognisable to fans and a dream to play...


Fender USA 60's Re-issue Stratocaster - £2,899.00


Crafted using a stunning 60's Re-issue Fender USA Stratocaster, the "Monteria" features a set of Custom Hand-Wound "Big Dipper" Tribute Pickups, inspired by John Mayer, all-Gold Hardware and equipment, Pearl-button tuners and classic cloth-wired loom.  Featuring the unique "Monteria" artwork detailing that ebbs and flows alongisde the original "Monterey" artwork, the guitar is then given a stunning relic refinish with all hardware aged and distressed apart from the tuners (just like Mayer's "BLK1".  A real treat for fans of both Hendrix and Mayer, the "Monteria" injects the firey passion of Mexico City into a guitar that cries "Let me stand next to your fire...".  Complete with Complimentary Hardcase.

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