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A stunning ode to what is arguably the Aerosmith legend's favourite guitar, crafted by his own hand from various parts and components over the years and a unique tribute to one of his musical icons, Jimi Hendrix. The Left-Handed Strat Body (strung Right-Handed) along with the Telecaster Neck is a direct influence from Hendrix's legendary "Newport" Hybrid - while the Heavy-Relic and 'Burnt' Sunburst Body finish is a look at Hendrix's Fillmore Strat that he set ablaze live on stage! Crafted to exacting standards, this is an absolute beast of a tribute, telling a story of a player who has continued modding and upgrading this "StratoTele" year after year - his DNA strewn across it like a love-letter to the art of making music.


Custom Made - £2,499.00


Produced to-order and to the highest standards, this exacting tribute is hand-crafted featuring a Left-Handed USA Alder Stratocaster Body with Reversed Maple Telecaster Neck (just like Perry's) with Vintage Tint finish, Joe Barden JBE S-Deluxe pickups with 5-way switching and Master Vol. & Tone controls, a modified Hipshot "High-Mass" Strat Tremolo Bridge with 'Import' Saddles, a Custom Green Pearl Pickguard and Vintage Kluson Button Tuners.  Brought togther by a stunning 70's Sunburst Body Finish that has been professionally relic-ed and worn based upon archive images and footage of Perry's original guitar, the unique body also features the all-important "Joe Perry-Cut" to the lower horn, that sculpts the lower horn-bout back and allows for complete top-end fret access (which the original Left-Handed body does not)!  If you're an Aerosmith or Joe Perry fan, this is the guitar for you, lovingly created and built to perform both in the studio and on stage no matter what.  Includes Complimentary Hardcase.


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