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The legendary guitarist that fuels the fire of "The Red Hot Chilli Peppers", John Frusciante's love affair with his 62' Sunburst Fender Stratocaster is the stuff of dreams.  Retro-fitted with a set of Seymour Duncan SSL-1 California 50's  pickups, the guitar has hardly left his side throughout his exhuastive career and features an incredible road worn look and feel after decades on the road.
This tribute to an iconic guitar and stunning musician features one of the most introcate and detailed relic finishes in our entire Relic Series!




Fender Squier 60’s Classic Vibe Stratocaster with SSL-1s - £1,199.00


Fender Squier’s ‘Classic Vibe Series’ offers some of the best build quality in the price range but add to that a set of Seymour Duncan SSL-1 pickups and a truly stunning, highly detailed relic pattern - then this becomes a really outstanding piece of kit for on stage and in the studio.  Hardcase available to order.




Fender Mexican 60’s Classic Stratocaster with SSL-1s - £1,899.00


Crafted using the stunning Fender Mexican 60’s Classic Stratocaster, the Supreme Edition offers a superior playing experience rooted in Fender's ethic of quality production and top-end vintage specifications to help enhance the look and feel of this legendary guitar, equipped with a set of Seymolur Duncan SSL-1 pickups.  Includes complimentary Hardcase.




Fender American Vintage 60’s Re-issue Stratocaster with SSL-1s - £2,899.00


Produced to the highest standards, the American Vintage series of guitars is the jewel in the crown of Fener's re-issue love-affair and this is no exception - offering a superior playing experience, classic appointments based around Frusciante's original Strat, equipped with a set of Seymour Duncan SSL-1 pickups - this is a beautiful piece of musical history for you to own and treasure.  Includes complimentary Hardcase.



'VOS' & ‘Non-Relic’ Editions - P.O.A.


By popular demand, all of our Relic Series instruments are also available in 'VOS' and 'Non-Relic' Editions, the same classic guitar presented with all accurate equipment and modifications (where applicable) but free of any ageing, relic-ing or simulated damage.  A must-have for guitar fans that just can't get into the 'Relic' vibe, we leave it to you to road-wear these babies!  Contact us for a quotation.

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