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A crucial member of The Rolling Stones, Keith Richards has embodied relentless energy and stunning riffs for decades and alongside his principle player, "Micawber", he has enjoyed the company of an enigmatic Ebony finish Gibson ES-355 with factory featured Bigsby B7 Vibrato that has engaged and enthralled fans for decades.

The 355 features a unique Ebony fingerboard with big-block inlays coupled with superb resonance and weight balance to produce effortless playbility driven by a set of Gibson PAF humbuckers.  Whether in Light-Relic or Non-Relic, this is a tribute to delight the senses on stage and in the studio.


Epiphone Ltd. Edition ES-335 - £1,499.00


Crafted using the Ltd. Edition Epiphone ES-335, this superbly built instrument features Rosewood fingerboard with Mini-Block inlays with newly designed Open-Book headstock - fully refinished in classic Ebony and sporting all-Gold Hardware including Bigsby B70 Vibrato, this stylish addition to our Artistic Series is available in Non-Relic and Light-Relic / VOS finish. Hardcase available to order.



Gibson USA ES-355 - £6,999.00


The best of the best, featuring all-original dynamics as per Keith's iconic guitar, including Ebony fingerboard with Big-Block inlays, Bigsby B7 Vibrato and all the trimmings - this is an epic beast of a guitar. Includes complimentary Hardcase.



'VOS' & ‘Relic’ Editions - P.O.A.


By popular demand, all of our Artistic Series instruments are also available in 'VOS' and 'Relic' Editions, the same classic guitar presented with all accurate equipment and modifications (where applicable) but complete with ageing, relic-ing or simulated damage.  A must-have for guitar fans that are into the 'Relic' vibe!  Contact us for a quotation.


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