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Designe din collaboration with musician Jon Cooper, the "Tango S1" is a dynamic modern Stratocaster with an incredible arsenal at its command.  Featuring a Seymour Duncan Lil' Screamin' Demon in the bridge, Quarter Pound mid-position and Vintage Rails in the neck - the guitar's awesome compliment of pickups is manipulated via a 5-way super-switch combined with Fender's S1 swithcing system.  The result is a guitar offering 10 unique poickup selection options straight out of the gate!
The guitar's glorious Satin Tangerine finish covers a beautiful Ash body and is combined with your choice of Fender Mexican or Fender USA Maple neck to create a true perfomer's guitar.



Fender Mexican / Custom Made - £1,699.00

Crafted by our TPP Custom Shop, this beautiful piece offers a superior playing experience incorporating an American Ash body and comfortable slim-profile Fender Mexican Maple neck.  These core elements are combined with a full compliment of fender parts / components, combined with Seymour Duncan Lil' Screamin' Demon, Quarter Pound and Vintage Rails pickups, 5-way super-switch, S1 switching, Matt Black pickguard and all-chrome hardware.  The body is given a glorious Stain Tangerine finish before the piece is brought together to create one of the most dyanmic and versatile Stratocasters you will ever play.  Includes complimentary Hardcase.


Fender USA / Custom Made - £2,299.00

Taking everything that makes the "Tango S1" great and combining it with Fender USA parts, components and, of course, USA Maple neck - the Custom Edition II is a step up from the original spec, offering an option to those players that wish to enhance the overall playing experience.  Includes complimentary Hardcase.



Bespoke productions made and finished to order - P.O.A.

Custom produced by our talented Custom Shop team, the "Tango S1" design can be taken to a different level with the only barrier being your imagination - simply contact us to discuss your concept and for an individual quotation to cater to your requirements.


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