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A guitar intrinsically linked to the genesis of Zakk Wylde's "Rebel" Les Paul, Bret Michaels' Les Paul Studio was sported by the "Poison" front-man on stage but more importantly, in a music video that was spotted by Wylde (who had just gotten his hands on Gibson's new "Dixieland" Les Paul Studio).  Enraged, Wylde defaced and hand-reliced his own guitar so that it bore no resemblance to Michaels' Les Paul Studio!
This classic 80's inspired instrument features a dot-inlaid fingerboard, "Rebel Flag" refinish and runs a set of hot Gibson humbuckers, each featuring a push/pull coil-tap volume pot for maximum versatility.


Epiphone Les Paul Studio - £999.00


Produced using Epiphone’s Les Paul Studio, the Deluxe Edition offers a superb playing experience - featuring bolt-on neck construction, 60's SlimTaper neck profile, dot inlays as per Michaels' original guitar and a punchy set of Epiphone pickups.  Adorned by the beautiful "Rebel Flag" refinish, this is a great entry into our Deluxe Edition series. Hardcase available to order.




Gibson USA Les Paul Studio - P.O.A.


Built to the original specs, the Supreme Edition "Poison" Les Paul features superior build quality, presence and performance.  A pair of Gibson USA Humbuckers offer heat behind every power-chord and the ability to coil-tap each pickup via push/pull volume controls adds even greater depth to the playing experience!  Includes complimentary Hardcase.




Historic Gibson USA Les Paul Studio - P.O.A.


Through our back catalogue of Historic instruments kept under lock and key, we may be able to provide you with an original 1980's Gibson Les Paul Studio, pricing varies on application but this truly is the definition of the ‘Ultimate Edition’ and is an absolute must for the dynamic and faithful collector.  Includes complimentary Hardcase.

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