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THE TPP EVH "5150"
Edward Van Halen… the name can give you shivers, one of the most influential guitarists of his generation, his choice of guitars has often been just as iconic as the man himself.  In the 1980’s, revolutionary manufacturer Steinberger released their series of ‘headless’ electric guitars and shocked the guitar community, with no headstock and a dynamic fully adjustable bridge, the guitars embodied an era of experimentation and crazy trends that Eddie could not resist.
The Steinberger GL-2T became Eddie’s weapon of choice, adorned with his classic "5150" candy artwork design and featured on classic songs such as "Summer Nights" and "Fire in the Hole".


Steinberger GT PRO - £999.00


Produced using Steinberger GT PRO model in H/S/H format, the Deluxe Edition provides a beautiful and dynamic guitar that allows EVH’s classic artwork to come to life and deliver effortless playability.  To retain much of the original guitar's look and feel, the mid-position pickup is rendered in the 'Candy' finish artwork at the same time as the body - giving the appearance of a twin-humbucker guitar as per the original, but the performance from all three pickups as a bonus!




Steinberger Synapse SS-2F - P.O.A.


Crafted using Steinberger’s stalwart SS-2F model, this is a very close representation of Van Halen’s original headless guitar but incorporating the latest technical advancement sin guitar production, complete with Graphite U-Channel Neck design and EMG pickups as standard.




Historic Steinberger GL-2T / Hohner G2-T - P.O.A.


Through our back catalogue of Historic instruments kept under lock and key, we may be able to provide you with an original 80’s Steinberger USA GL-2T or Hohner G2-T, contact us to find out more.

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