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Francis Rossi’s legendary Tele, which has been with him from the beginning, has certainly seen its share of modifications throughout its time in "Status Quo"!  Extensively customised, the original finish was sanded down and the front and sides stained in 'jungle green' - leaving the reverse of the body natural.  The original 50's ashtray Telecaster bridge was 'sawn' in half to accomodate a 6-saddle hardtail bridge (enhancing intonation and set-up) while a new Strat-based Lace Sensor Gold single coil pickup set was installed with 5-way switching to capture that signature 'Quo' sound.  But perhaps the guitar's most peculiar feature is the hole drilled right through the body, used to thread the jack lead at live gigs!


Fender Squier 50's Classic Vibe Telecaster - £1,199.00


Crafted using the Fender Squier 50’s Classic Vibe Telecaster, modified to Rossi’s original specs, including Lace 'style' single coils, hardtail bridge mod and accurate relic finish.  Hardcase available to order.




Fender Mexican Classic 50’s Telecaster - £1,699.00


The Supreme Edition is crafted using a 50’s profiled Telecaster, modified to Rossi's original specifications and featuring Lace Sensor pickups and all the classic details to create an excellent option for the more die-hard fan of vintage-accurate aesthetics.  Includes complimentary Hardcase.




Fender American Original 50’s Re-issue Telecaster - £2,699.00


Fender USA build-quality, vintage aesthetics and amazing playability - the Ultimate Edition offers quality and craftsmanship that is equal to the task of paying tribute to Rossi’s original guitar.  Includes complimentary Hardcase.



'VOS' & ‘Non-Relic’ Editions - P.O.A.


By popular demand, all of our Relic Series instruments are also available in 'VOS' and 'Non-Relic' Editions, the same classic guitar presented with all accurate equipment and modifications (where applicable) but free of any ageing, relic-ing or simulated damage.  A must-have for guitar fans that just can't get into the 'Relic' vibe, we leave it to you to road-wear these babies!  Contact us for a quotation.


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