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In 1967, The Beatles’ all took to customising their guitars with Day-Glo paints and whatever else came to hand, in the lead up to the legendary ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ album but it is George Harrison's 62’ Sonic Blue Fender Stratocaster, later nicknamed "Rocky", that has remained the most iconic.

George’s artwork is subtly infused with his own eccentric personality, including references to his early days playing 50’s classic ‘Rock’n’Roll’ and the guitar was used throughout The Beatles’ later years before “Rocky” became one of George’s favourite slide guitars and featured on many studio recordings during his own successful solo career before his untimely passing.


Fender Squier 60’s Classic Vibe Stratocaster - £999.00


Crafted using Fender Squier’s superb ‘Classic Vibe Series’, the 60’s Classic Vibe Stratocaster is everything you could want for paying tribute to George's iconic Stratocaster while delivering value for money.  Featuring 60’s styling including Kluson button machineheads and 60’s re-issue pickups.  Hardcase available to order.




Fender Mexican 60’s Classic Stratocaster - £1,699.00


The stunning Fender Mexican 60’s Classic Stratocaster gives our Supreme Edition a superior edge, improved playing experience and top-end vintage specifications to enhance the look and feel of this legendary guitar.  Includes complimentary Hardcase.




Fender American Original 60’s Re-issue Stratocaster - £2,699.00


The original, featuring amazing build quality, attention to vintage detail and top-end specifications creating the perfect base for crafting a beautiful looking and playing guitar.  Definitely one for the fans.  Includes complimentary Hardcase.


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