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Hendrix played many, many guitars throughout the years, many of which were ‘sacrificed’ on stage, either smashed to pieces or set ablaze but there was one guitar that did not suffer the same fate as these flights of fancy.  The guitar that survived was Jimi’s coveted 1968 Fender Stratocaster, finished in black and featuring a 2-piece / 4-bolt maple neck with large headstock, the guitar was by Jimi’s side throughout most of his career and Jimi has often been pictured donning the “Black Strat” in various archive photographs in the studio while recording some of his most influential albums.  It was the one guitar that he couldn't bear to part with and as such, holds a special place among his collection of iconic guitars.



Fender Squier 70’s Vintage Modified Stratocaster - £1,099.00


Crafted using Fender Squier's 70’s Vintage Modified Stratocaster, this Deluxe Edition incorporates quality vintage vibe aesthetics and specs and featuring heavy relic finish, this really is a fabulous guitar for the money.  Hardcase available to order.




Fender Mexican Classic 70’s Stratocaster - £1,899.00


Crafted by the Fender Mexican Custom Shop, the Classic 70’s’ Stratocaster featuring vintage aesthetics and is custom modified to accurate 4-bolt neck plate, also incorporating re-issue pickups that help to capture the sound and style of Jimi’s original classic guitar.  Includes complimentary Hardcase.


Custom Fender 68' Stratocaster - £2,899.00


Crafted using a bespoke Ash Stratocaster body and a bespoke-made Custom Shop 68' inspired Stratocaster neck, incorporating re-issue pickups, all Fender hardware and equipment and produced to the highest standards.  Includes complimentary Hardcase.




Fender 68’ Re-Issue Stratocaster - P.O.A.


Chosen for its accurate aesthetic design and incorporation of age-accurate equipment and hardware, the 68’ re-issue is must for the dedicated fan.  The neck, an accurate 2-piece / 4-bolt maple with large headstock and neck-heel truss rod adjustment, creates the correct look and feel for a guitar that was so adored by Jimi throughout his career.  Includes complimentary Hardcase.



'VOS' & ‘Non-Relic’ Editions - P.O.A.


By popular demand, all of our Relic Series instruments are also available in 'VOS' and 'Non-Relic' Editions, the same classic guitar presented with all accurate equipment and modifications (where applicable) but free of any ageing, relic-ing or simulated damage.  A must-have for guitar fans that just can't get into the 'Relic' vibe, we leave it to you to road-wear these babies!  Contact us for a quotation.


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