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The weapon of choice for Coldplay's talented lead guitarist, Jonny Buckland, used during both the "X&Y" and "Viva La Vida" albums and tours, this iconic guitar is affectionately known as "Blacky". A 1972 Fender Thinline Telecaster finished in gloss black with a white pickguard (before it was hand painted ahead of the "Viva La Vida" album recordings and tour dates), the guitar remained by Buckland's side throughout the studio recordings and live performances for both albums, giving gravitas to tracks such as "Speed of Sound", "Violet Hill" and, of course, "Viva La Vida". An incredible guitar that looks fabulous and plays like a dream.

Fender Squier 72' Thinline Telecaster - £999.00

Offering unbeatable value for money coupled with incredibly high-quality production, wide-range humbuckers and iconic aesthetics - this really is an superb package, detailed based upon images of Buckland's own guitar, affectionately nicknamed "Blacky". Hardcase available to order.

Fender 72' Re-issue Thinline Telecaster - £1,899.00

Produced as part of Fender Mexico's top-of-the-line Re-issue series, the 72' Thinline features accurate vintage appointments and equipment to bring this beautiful piece together, specs include original 3-bolt neck plate and wide-range humbuckers, making it an outstanding choice for the dedicated fan. Includes complimentary Hardcase.

Historic Fender Thinline Telecaster - P.O.A.


From our private collection of stunning vintage guitars, contact us to find out if we can supply you with an original Fender Thinline from the period, essentially the very same guitar wielded by Jonny himself... Includes complimentary Hardcase.


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