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Few guitars have embodied 'swinging London' more than Mod-God Paul Weller's stunning "WHAAM!" pop-art guitar.  Crafted using a beautiful Rickenbacker 330, the guitar was custom modified with a Gibson Humbucker in the neck position to create a far more versatile guitar for Weller to use in the studio and on stage.

Despite these custom modifications however, it is of course the amazing artwork inspired by pop-artist Roy Lichtenstein that will always allow this classic guitar to endure.  Lichtenstein’s 1963 masterpiece, “WHAAM!” was based on a page from a 1962 comic book, this is a guitar-art icon.


Italia Rimini 6 (Original Specification) - P.O.A.


Crafted using the beautiful Italia Rimini 6 (designed by British guitar legend Trevor Wilkinson), embodying timeless styling that emulates the traditions of the classic 330 design - the Rimini 6 puts a unique 'art deco' spin on an icon of the 60's to offer players a high quality product with superb specifications coupled with value for money.  Featuring a set of vintage-voiced Mini Humbuckers, 3-way switching and master volume / tone controls.  Hardcase available to order.




Rickenbacker 330/6 (RIC Specification) - £2,999.00


Crafted using Rickenbacker’s stunning 330/6, featuring a set of original RIC Hi-Gain pickups for that traditional 60's jangle, this is an ideal choice for the guitarist looking for classic tones and timeless looks (matched only by its playability).  Includes complimentary Hardcase.




Rickenbacker 330/6 (Paul Weller Specification) - £3,499.00


The most accurate tribute to Weller’s original guitar, incorporating Gibson USA Humbucker modification in the neck position that Weller had done to open up the tonal range and versatility of his stunning “WHAAM!” Rickenbacker.  Once you tap into the 'blend' control on this puppy, you'll be hopelessly hooked on how dynamic the tonal range really is.  Includes complimentary Hardcase.


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