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The companion piece ot our ever-popular "Glacier", the "Icicle" is a cut above the rest in every sense amd designed in collaboration with musician Ameya Vaidyanathan to produce a classically styled tribute to the original run of Ibanez 'Artist' series Iceman from the mid 70's.
Custom crafted featuring a solid mahogany body and neck with ebony fingerboard and chunky pearl block inlays, both the body and fingerboard feature pearl binding as well.  The Icicle's vintage inspired aesthetics are complimented by a Nashville Soapbar bridge and stop-tailpiece plus our custom made Radiator humbucker in the bridge position accompanied by single volume / tone controls plus a 5-way rotary 'Overdrive' switch for maximum gain.  A real beauty.



Custom Made - £1,499.00


Made to 'move', the "Icicle" is a passionate expression of top-end performance and a love of the past.  The solid mahogany body and neck design give her lots of 'beef' while an ebony fingerboard keeps tones on the high-end light and clear, with medium jumbo frets allowing for a comfortable spectrum of play for any guitarist.  The Radiator humbucker gives both potnecy and clarity while the 5-way roatary 'Overdrive' switch with on-board 9V battery supply allows the player to crank the gain to 11 while still at lower, more condusive volumes.  Capable of classic Claptons tones as well as heavy Hendrix riffs, the intuative single volume and tone layout with no pickup selection means all you have to do is plug in and play and see where the road takes you.  A polished, professional package for the mature player.  Includes complimentary Hardcase.



Bespoke productions made and finished to order - P.O.A.

Custom produced by our talented Custom Shop team, the "Icicle" design can be taken to a different level with the only barrier being your imagination - simply contact us to discuss your concept and for an individual quotation to cater to your requirements.


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