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One of the most iconic guitars of its generation, John Entwistle's legendary "Fenderbird" Bass was a guitar of John's own creation - taking the parts, components and hardware from a Gibson Thunderbird and combining them with a Fender Precision Bass Neck and a fully bespoke 'Non-Reverse Firebird' style body (P-Bass thickness)!

Realised here based upon the original design by legendary Luthier, Peter Cook, and fully hand-crafted to the highest specs, this ultimate axe can finally be yours to command both the stage and the studio...



Custom Made - £2,999.00


Based upon the original "Fenderbird", our Custom Shop team has taken dedication to the next level, incorporating a fully hand-crafted body with Fender Precision Bass thickness (just like John's), each TPP "Fenderbird" is loaded with a bespoke Fender Precision Bass Neck (customisable), custom made pickguard, Re-issue Thunderbird Bridge & Tailpiece, GOTOH Tuners, a matched set of Lollar Pickups, Vintage all-cloth wired loom (CTS Pots and Orange Drop caps) offering a stunning, superior playing experience.  Available to order in your choice of Fiesta Red, Arctic White or Natural Gloss finish, each guitar is accompanied by a custom Fitted Hardcase and all the trimmings.  Truly, one of our finest productions to-date and one we are very proud to present to you.




Bespoke productions made and finished to order - P.O.A.


Custom produced by our talented Custom Shop team, the TPP "Fenderbird" design can be taken to a different level with the only barrier being your imagination - simply contact us to discuss your concept whether it be a unique colour, finish, electronics etc. and we will provide for an individual quotation to cater to your requirements.


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