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Designed in collaboration with guitarist Dave Coen, the "Whole Lotta Wah Wah" takes the basis of our Jimmy Page "No.1" Les Paul Tribute and runs with it, finished with a dark cherry iced tea burst and traditional relic work, the guitar is driven by dual Seymour Duncan "Whole Lotta Humbucker" pickups with single push/pull 'phase' pot, but runs off of a master tone control - the second tone control actually acting as an on/off switch for the built-in 'Auto Wah' electronics that run off of an external DC power supply (with separate socket on the jack plate).  The 'Auto Wah' is intuative and produces a superb sound, negating the need for a pedal when soloing on those killer riffs.  A very unique take on one of our most beloved production guitars.



Gibson USA Les Paul - £2,649.00


Produced using an original Gibson USA Les Paul base instrument, stripped and reifnished in dark cherry iced tea burst with red back, the guitar is taken through our traditional "No.1" build and relic process (including Seymour Duncan pickups fitted as standard) before the custom made on-board 'Auto Wah' circuitry is incorporated and the single push/push on/off switch installed underneath the 'fake' control knobs in the bottom tone position.  Supplied with 5m extension plug lead to hook up to your DC power supply, the "Whole Lotta Wah Wah" is a whole lotta fun!  Includes complimentary Hardcase.



Bespoke productions made and finished to order - P.O.A.

Custom produced by our talented Custom Shop team, the "Whole Lotta Wah Wah" design can be taken to a different level with the only barrier being your imagination - simply contact us to discuss your concept and for an individual quotation to cater to your requirements.


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